Tune in as Aubert talks with industry leaders to share his story, unique experience, mission, and how he became who he is today. Each show has it's own unique perspective and illuminates different parts of Aubert's journey. 

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How To Date + Be In Relationship With the Conscious Masculine

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The Quest for Inner Strength & Spiritual Awakening

Wellness Force Website

Celebrating A Century with The Triad

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Aubert Bastiat: The Journey From Atheism To God

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Are Men To Blame For All Of The Worlds Problems?

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Dissolving Illusion & Denial to Embody the Divine Masculine

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Trauma, Transformation and Sacred Masculinity

Rising Man Website

Unite the Sacred Sons with Aubert Bastiat


Sober Curious with Ruby Warrington: Sober Masculinity with Aubert Bastiat

Dear Family podcast with Rachel Steinman: Stewarding a New Expression of Masculinity and Brotherhood with Man Camp

Leaders of Men podcast with Nic Warner: Aubert Bastiat

Sacred Sons podcast: Fatherhood is Medicine

Sacred Sons podcast with Benjamin Brown: Masculine Alchemy with Benjamin Brown

Rising Man podcast with Jeddy Azuma: Brothers on a Mission with Sacred Sons

Brave Table with Neeta Bhushan: Becoming a Father and How To Make Peace With Your Past 

Sacred Sons podcast with Adam Jackson: Celebrating A Century with The Triad



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