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Say YES to the power of being authentically you, open your heart to more love, deeper intimacy, and the gift of living the life you were born to live.

It's time to open your mind and realize the power you have to create the life your soul is longing to experience - NOW!

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I’m Aubert, a father of three boys, transformational coach, somatic facilitator, writer, speaker, and visionary founder of a men’s community which has helped catalyze a resurgence of men's work, masculine rites of passage, and spotlight the importance of our psycho-spiritual wellbeing as men.

After 20 years working in the tech industry I’m honored to have made the leap into my vocation - providing grounded spiritual guidance, transformational practices, empowering tools, and compassionate support to help leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and couples optimize their quality of life and achieve greatness from the inside out.



I’m here to hold you with fierce compassion as you clear away the tired, painful, and unfulfilling beliefs about love, relationship, and purpose. Lay to rest the masks that allow you to hide from the world, clarify your "why?", cultivate stronger boundaries, become authentically you in your relationships, and ultimately, open your heart to be loved for who you are.

You have everything within you to live the life your heart knows is possible - I’m here to help you take the steps to begin living it.

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Work through internal blocks and limiting beliefs that prevent you from embodying optimal physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual wellness. In our work together you will deepen your understanding of self, what you need and why, and overcome cross-generational cycles of trauma to heal, grow, and evolve beyond your fears and limitations so that you can live your life as your full, authentic self.



In this group experience, you’ll be invited to explore your beliefs about relationship, identify narratives guiding your choice of partner, work to heal your inner child, and learn to cultivate a sacred space in and around you where love can flow freely. You can expect to come into greater intimacy and connection with your partner, or attract aligned, sacred partnerships. Launching summer 2024.





“Aubert was skillful in helping me work through childhood trauma and other traumatic experiences. I trust him and appreciated how consistent he was during our work together.”



Tu L., Retired Master Sergeant Army Green Beret, Special Ops trainer, Leader

“Before I started to work with Aubert, I was struggling with self sabotaging patterns. Although I was getting along fine for the most part, I finally decided to reach out for some help. Since we started working together I was able to process my childhood wounds. I reclaimed younger parts of myself and feel more whole as a result. The best part of working together was his responsiveness, I felt that I was really listened to and understood. One of my biggest breakthroughs was letting go of a self-destructive pattern that I was feeding into for years of my life and for this I am very grateful. If you feel called to work with Aubert I can definitely recommend it. Just know that you have to do your part. He gives amazing guidance, but it's important that you show up and do what it takes to heal.”

Alex S., Software Developer

“Aubert called me forward to love myself deeper and I realized there were behaviors that I was still holding onto that weren’t serving me (or my future family). Through our work together, we dove deep into my relationship with alcohol, self-sabotaging, past traumas, family, masking, and living out of balance in my masculine energy. Since our time together, I have softened in my feminine essence, let go of control that I didn’t need to hold, stopped overindulging in things that weren’t serving me, and allowed myself to be seen and feel at peace with my past. Mostly, I’m ready to be a mother more than ever and my marriage is healthy and happy! My biggest breakthrough is a newfound level of clarity that I hadn’t experienced before." 

Brittany B., Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader, Facilitator

“I started working with Aubert when I began to recognize I needed help. I needed support, wisdom and guidance. Aubert showed up for me with that, and so much more! Providing me with a safe space to move through grief and rebuild trust and confidence within myself. Making the choice to work with him honestly changed the direction of my life for the better. He truly has a gift from God to help facilitate healing and growth in others. I will forever be grateful for him!”

Jessica M., Mother, Yoga Teacher, Model

“Before working with Aubert I was stuck in a negative cycle with toxic habits that I just couldn't break. A friend recommended Aubert because she was also working with him and had great success so I decided to start 1:1 coaching with him. From our first session, I felt such relief and hope! The shift in energy allowed me to have a clear mind and think straight to find out what was really going on with me. I was able to set goals and actually focus on achieving them. I would recommend working with Aubert to anyone and everyone. The best part for me was being able to have his coaching available from my own home without going anywhere and the flexibility. His knowledge and amazing energy is also a bonus! A life-changing breakthrough I had was breaking through addiction and remaining sober. I’m so grateful for Aubert and all the help and hope he has given me!”

Kristin P., Mother, Entrepreneur

“I thank Aubert so much for creating a safe space for me to heal! There are some people in life who are truly angels and he is one of them. He helped me mend my relationship with God, my inner child and got me to fall back in love with myself. Through our work together I’ve realized how important Self love truly is, and now I’m feeling inspired to share more of my story. Life hasn’t always been kind to me no matter how pretty it looks from the outside. I’ve learned to love and embrace it! I’ve been on an incredible journey of healing over the last 2 years and Aubert has been a significant source of support and guidance. Aubert held space for me to begin the process of really devoting myself to change. In the end through our work together I embraced that no one’s in control of my life but me. What helped a ton was having Aubert be a consistent source of compassionate accountability, it’s major! The outcome of all of my hard work has been so rewarding and I’m grateful for Aubert’s role in helping me become the powerful woman I am today.”

Vivian K., Musician, Artist, Model

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