YOU must let go of who YOU were to become who YOU are

Something within you brought you here. Whether you're in search of healing, have questions you're looking for answers to, or are just feeling lost in life, know that there is a reason and I'm grateful that you answered the inner call to connect with me.


I'm not going to speak about myself in the third person nor will I be tantalizing you with shortcuts to freedom from suffering, spiritual liberation, or unlimited abundance. Because if you're here then chances are you're on your path of healing and awakening to your full potential, and you know very well that you get what you give in life.

I've held space, activated, and inspired thousands of people not so different from you to face and overcome major challenges which held them back from living in the fullness of their existence. If you're ready to up-level your life then contact me so that we can setup a consultation.

I'm curious to know whether you've asked yourself the following questions:  

What is the meaning of life?

Why are humans alive on this planet?

What is God?

The reason being that these are each important questions for every person to ask themselves in the course of their personal evolution. And would you be surprised to know that each of these questions have the same answer? 


The esoteric teachings of the ancient mystery schools and wisdom traditions from throughout human history have offered various systems of knowledge to guide us to the "end goal" of our human evolution. This "final" destination termed 'Nirvana' in the Buddhist tradition, 'Moksha' in Hinduism,  or simply enlightenment here in the west isn't the end of our evolution by any means, but it is the end of all sense of separation from the Infinite force of Unconditional Love that many in the world call God.

Becoming God or Love is a process which can only be realized through the power of our Spiritual Heart, or the Chakra Anahata as it is known in Sanskrit. This process of becoming the fullness of love begins from our first experiences of feeling our spiritual heart open, and evolves to living as Love incarnate like all the saints, sages, and spiritual heroes who have walked upon this earth. After my spiritual heart opened the first time everything in my life changed forever. This profound power of Unconditional Love that is God was what I had been missing all my life! Maybe you're missing this love in your heart just as I once was?

yOur spiritual or Energetic Heart

To consciously embark upon your evolutionary path you will need to master the three primary focal points of your development as an energetic being:

LOVE (ethics)

WISDOM (intellect)

POWER (energy)


While you naturally evolve in all three directions simultaneously, at a certain point in your growth it becomes extremely important to direct your focus on developing your capacity to love beyond human conditions and egoic standards. How do you know if you are at the point in your personal evolution where you would benefit from making a conscious effort to grow in your love? It is quite simple, if your heart is not feeling alive with love for this precious existence called life and the living beings you encounter then it would prove beneficial to earnestly begin the inner work to cleanse and "open" your spiritual heart.

If you cannot yet feel love in your heart and find yourself repeating patterns of harming yourself and/or others, settling for less in relationships with family/friends/work, making choices which lead to negative outcomes, then it is quite likely your spiritual heart is blocked or wounded. A huge part of this healing process requires the breaking of these negative patterns and opening your spiritual heart to love, which requires the courage to face yourself honestly.

There are two common reasons people may not have an "open" spiritual heart:

1) Lack of development of the spiritual heart in our past lives and/or current life

2) Psycho-spiritual wounding which has resulted in a damaged or "shut down" spiritual heart

If your spiritual heart or Middle Dan t'ian as it is known to Taoists is "blocked" or ill functioning, then we can work together to heal and develop this vital spiritual organ. We will be most successful in our work together if you honor the ethical principle of "Ahimsa", which means to not cause harm to yourself or other living beings (humans, animals and plants) to the best of your ability. When you live by the principle of Ahimsa you naturally purify your spiritual heart and attune to more subtle states of consciousness - harmony, compassion, tenderness, peace and love. In other words, through work on healing yourself and opening your spiritual heart your vibrational frequency will shift causing you to have greater access to higher states of consciousness. 

Modern science is beginning to understand the importance of the spiritual/energetic heart and as a result of growing research, methods have been developed which can enhance your ability to maintain optimal states of heart/brain coherence. The HeartMath Institute is a pioneer in this field of research and their HeartMath System can be effectively utilized to strengthen your capacity to maintain optimal coherence, which will help in our work with your spiritual heart. There are also special meditations and other spiritual practices which can help you deepen your capacity to live in your spiritual heart, but they come after you've engaged in any necessary healing work to clear away dense energy trapped in your system as emotional trauma.

Holding you in a sacred space of complete love and acceptance while you face the shadows of shame, fear, rage, depression, anxiety, self-destructive patterns, and any wounds you've buried is my greatest honor. If you want  to know more about me continue reading below, but if you are ready to clear away any obstacles that prevent you from living in your power then send me a message and let's get to work!


I AM who I am because of who i was

Who am I and how did I begin my path into the healing arts?

I'm a child of the Great Mystery who became aware of the metaphysical nature of reality after experiencing a non-substance induced mystical awakening. This "taste of Heaven" served as a death of who I believed myself to be, and a rebirth into the world of Spirit - leading me to renounce the atheism I grew up in, devote myself to spiritual growth, and enter firmly on the path of asceticism. My path of active asceticism continued for two years after my initial awakening and included a vow of celibacy; relinquishing attachments to all forms of entertainment and sensory pleasure; regular fasting and cleansing; and strict daily meditation, prayer, and study. Through this devotional path and by the grace of God; I was able to free break free from the prison of narcissistic wounding; transform self-destructive patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior; integrate my shadow which caused interpersonal drama; heal from familial chaos and loss; and ultimately break the cycle of cross generational ancestral trauma and glimpse beyond the veil.

Through the culmination of years of dedicated work on healing myself and others, I came to the point where I had no choice but to take a leap of faith and answer the inner call to leave behind  the security of a decade long career in the field of Information Technology, last working at a Fortune 500 company. I now serve our collective evolution using the gifts birthed from my path through the dark night of the soul; facilitating consciousness transformation for individuals and groups using a synthesis of non-denominational core shamanic practices and methods disseminated by Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; theories and techniques of individual and group psychotherapy; Methodology of Spiritual Development developed by Vladimir Antonov; Inner Guidance Process taught by Amara Samata; and the HeartMath System developed by the HeartMath Institute. 

Before I began branching out into holistic healing I worked mainly in Information Technology most of my life. And although I believe in the power of technology to improve our world in countless ways, when I went back to school my inspiration shifted from technology to humanity. So much so that I started on a trajectory towards becoming a clinical psychologist after my first semester. As I approached graduation I sought the counsel of respected mentors who currently work as licensed clinical psychologists, university professors, and marriage and family therapists, who ultimately empowered me to choose the path less traveled.

I am grateful for the love and guidance of my mentors because everything may not have unfolded quite so beautifully if I had went on to become a licensed psychologist and in so doing become indoctrinated by the westernized systems of mental health treatment. I'm deeply grateful that I avoided investing many years of my precious time studying a discipline which doesn't take into account the fundamental nature of reality. which is in fact a multi-dimensional spiritual reality. Only now can I see how my gifts would have been redirected into reinforcing the established mental health care models, focusing on treating symptoms rather than causes.

Ultimately, a simple yet fundamental truth of our existence is that we are not our bodies. We have bodies but we are souls first and foremost. Once the fundamental nature of our existence as souls is understood, it's easy to see why modern psychology and allopathic medicine has such widely variable treatment outcomes. For how can the cause of any psychological imbalance, disturbance, or pathology be effectively treated without the correct ontological view of reality?


It is from this awareness of who I AM and who WE ARE, that I have dedicated my life to the evolution of our collective consciousness, serving as a guide, mentor, coach, teache, and healer on our path of embodiment. Anyone who has awoken to the power of love knows that it is the energetic or spiritual heart that has the power to transform every aspect of our existence, With this knowing I passionately contribute my gifts and serve in a variety of capacities which include or have inlcuded:

  • Leading 16-week long existential growth groups for college undergraduates aspiring towards careers in the Mental Health field at California State University, Fullerton

  • Leading and co-leading men's groups/circles as a Co-founder of Sacred Sons

  • Facilitating transformational workshops at consciousness expanding gatherings and festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Beloved, One Love Fest, Sacred Gathering, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Flow Gathering, and Tribe Family Gathering

  • Somatic counseling/healing with individuals carrying trauma commonly manifest through symptoms of addiction, anxiety, depression, dysfunction at home or work, and sleep disturbances 

  • Facilitating weekly meditation groups at the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living

  • Leading mediation groups for incarcerated youth at the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Hall

  • Remote video life coaching/HeartMath Resiliency coaching

  • Co-hosting Cosmic Consciousness gatherings throughout California and the United States

  • Facilitating/Co-facilitating the Inner Guidance somatic healing process for individuals and groups

  • Leading transformational retreats internationally

I know with my entire Being that I received the grace of God so that I may serve others who are on their path of healing and awakening. This deep knowing informs my path and enriches the work I do as a group facilitator, healing practitioner, ceremonialist, HeartMath® Certified Coach, breath/meditation instructor, and spiritual catalyst. I currently live and practice in Southern California and travel wherever Spirit calls me. For bookings please use the contact form below or email me directly.

I am wishing you love, wisdom, and power in this eternal now. Blessings on your path! 




Aubert Bastiat


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