Men's Shadow Work

There are no words which can adequately convey the sacred healing that is transpiring in our men's circles. This past circle was particularly potent as a calling to heart for those who joined us. It was deeply affirming for me to hold space and bear witness to every man present stepping into the fire of transformation through radical vulnerability and loving honesty. In owning our own personal shadow and supporting our brothers in owning theirs, our men's circle became the alchemical container through which we transformed pain into growth and darkness into light. Through gathering the courage and facing that which we are most ashamed of and thus unconsciously defend, we transformed the poison trapped within us that expresses as self-destructiveness or other-destructiveness, into medicine through which we heal ourselves and others. Thank you brothers for walking alongside me on this path of perpetual growth and spiritual awakening. It's an act of true bravery to face the pain within us without trying to intellectualize it away or bypass it with beliefs which prevent true integration. Like the lotus we must grow through the mud of our human experience while allowing the purifying waters of emotion to nourish us so that we may blossom in a whole and integrated spirituality.

"Real spiritual opening is not some cleancut or antiseptic undertaking, but rather an inherently messy undertaking, as intense, unpredictable, and alive as birth, eventually necessitating full-blooded entry into everything we are, including what we dislike about ourselves. The dirt cannot be avoided, and nor should it necessarily be. In fact, it needs to be appreciated and known without gloves or a cement overlay, or else it won’t become fitting soil for our emergence." - Robert Augustus Masters

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