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There is a lot of confusion out there about chakras and their function, so my intention for this post is to share the wisdom of my teacher Vladimir Antonov, PhD., which I have verified through my own path of spiritual development. It wasn't until my experience of SEEING with clairvoyance that I could say I knew his teachings on chakras were accurate, even though in my heart I knew that they were and lived as such. After seeing the energy system of chakras and meridians within several people his teachings were confirmed by my own direct experience. Even though I have not been successful in integrating and living the fullness of the truth he shares, his teachings have forever changed me and I hope that they may also serve you on your path. "The chakras are not located in the spinal column, as it’s written in some books. Every chakra occupies the whole segment of the body, which corresponds to it. Inside chakras there are no petals — this is people’s fantasy; there are no other fantastic structures inside them. And in no case should one “color” the chakras, as it is recommended in some books. Chakras should have inside themselves tender white-goldish light. Chakras are bioenergy structures. Among their functions are storage, conversion, and redistribution of the bioenergies inside the organism (these energies can also flow between chakras or between a chakras and the organs which are inside the sphere of influence of this chakra. The channels through which the bioenergies flow are called meridians. Perhaps everybody knows this.) It’s desirable, that all chakras be always pure and developed. There are special methods for this purpose, described in our books. If a chakra is contaminated and, thus, cannot carry out its functions properly, then chronic diseases of the corresponding organs may occur. And cleansing such a chakra results in very quick, sometimes immediate, recovery from the disease, which may have lasted for years and could not be cured by drug therapy. In total, there are seven chakras. Let’s begin considering them from above. The upper part of the head is the sahasrara chakra. In the middle part of the head there is ajna chakra.

Its name is translated as “non-wise”. “A” means negation, “jnani” means “wisdom”. “Ajna” means “non-wise”.

Vishudha is at the region of the neck down to the bottom of the interclavicle dimple.

Anahata occupies the whole chest down to the solar plexus.

Manipura is below, down to the navel, the solar plexus included. Down to the level of the share bone is svadhistana.

And below, at the level of coccyx is muladhara.

Apart from the functions of distribution of the bioenergies, chakras have other functions, which are no less important.

Sahasrara is responsible for strategic thinking.

Ajna is responsible for tactical thinking. This is an indispensable chakra, but it is this chakra that contains the lower self, in contrast to the Higher Self.

Vishudha is responsible for aesthetic perception.

Anahata is responsible for the functions of love. Manipura — for the vigor, efficiency. Svadhistana — for the reproductive function. And muladhara is important for us, because through this chakra the body is connected by special channels to the energy of kundalini. Kundalini is not located in the coccyx or in the muladhara chakra, contrary to what is written in some books. It’s located outside of one’s body. Kundalini is Atmic energy, which is very important for one’s spiritual development. On a certain stage of development, a spiritual warrior raises kundalini through the body, transforming the matter of the body and by this, healing the body. Then he or she unarchives the kundalini energy. This is one of the important methods for moving later into the Abode of the Creator. The main one of all chakras is the anahata, because it is with the help of this chakra that we can realize the main purpose of our lives, i.e. spiritual self-development..." If you are interested in learning more about chakras and spiritual development you can visit

Art by Fredrik Söderberg

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