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The time leading up to and through Universal Flow Gathering has spurred on my growth and expanded my love in unexpected ways. Having never been to a full on flow festival before I was amazed to bare witness to scores of flow artists sharing their painstakingly cultivated gift of prop manipulation with the added bonus of FIRE! I was grateful to be right in the midst of all the fire action on Saturday night with our little Treats Tribe celebrating the joy of existence. As I huddled in our cuddle puddle relishing the warmth we generated together in the cold night, I was awe struck time and again by the sheer grace and beauty these flow artists exhibited. At certain moments the flow artists seemed to collectively tap into the Universal Flow and a beautiful group symmetry played out igniting the feeling of bliss in my spiritual heart. It was captivating to observe the cyclical nature of the fire performance from the gradual buildup to explosive climax, and then back down the valley and up the peak again in synch with the ridiculously loud music. This ever-changing work of art they were all co-creating together was nothing less than a cosmic dance of self-acceptance and free expression which I will never forget. By the time we finally pulled ourselves away from the cuddle puddle it was late and soon becoming early. This didn't seem to deter the majority of the flow artists as the high energy music boomed loudly in the desert and didn't let up until the sun began to light the sky. I was finally able to fall asleep close to 7am feeling half glad that even though I had the first workshop time slot of 10am, there probably wouldn't be a huge group of flow artists eager to get up to learn about the Science of the Spiritual Heart after such an explosive night.

I awoke a few hours later and showed up to put on my workshop with no one in sight. I waited a few minutes and upon seeing only a few handfuls of people scattered about in prop manipulation workshops I realized that no one would be coming. I didn't feel any sense of loss or disappointment but did wish I could have shared this powerful workshop with at least a few flow-ers.

Then Davana comes waltzing up and I feel love and gratitude fill my heart for this beautiful warrior womban and her support of my passion to share about the Science of the Spiritual Heart and it's crucial importance in our personal and collective evolutions.

Even though she was my entire audience I decided to go through my workshop. After going through what I could without a group present I took her on a shamanic journey with my medicine drum right where we were. The drumming was powerfully rejuvenating for both of us and we ended the session on a good vibe and I felt through and through that life is perfect and everything happens as it is meant to happen.

We left Universal Flow Gathering feeling so grateful for the Infinite Creator who guides us on this magical adventure of life and for all the amazing souls we vibe with wherever we flow.

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