Anchoring Love

We came together with only a vague idea of what we would be co-creating together, but in this simple trust we found solidarity in mind and heart. In sacred circle upon Zuma Beach we joined as reflections of the One Source - sharing, remembering, and rejoicing to BE ALIVE in this NOW - connected by the LOVE flowing through our Spiritual Hearts - animated as and by the One Source. If you're reading these words then you probably know that there has been a war going on for our conscious co-creative energy, and the truth is it has been going on for a very long time. As such the powers-that-were want to distract us from our reason for BEING with everything they can, but they've failed with us and if you're reading this then chances are they've failed with you too. We're here as living reminders for everyone who has open minds and hearts that each of us have the power to BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world. As such we're responsible for co-creating the world we envision in our hearts. Let us not be fooled into expecting change to come from outside of ourselves, because we know by now that it all starts within. Strengthen the body. Silence the mind. Starve the ego. Feed the soul. Be the LOVE.

"YOU ARE DIVINE - In the spheres of light, all souls are tranquil, with shining, Godlike faces. Every piece of work is executed perfectly, and the effort of all is applied to further the happiness of the community. Always, in your inner selves and in your quiet moments, you can rise into this perfect life, and receive from those who dwell there the inspiration to live likewise on earth. Don't make the excuse that you are only human. With all the force of the truth that is in us, we say, we know, that you are divine." - White Eagle

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