Divine Feminine Rising

Yesterday 3/11 was a powerful Divine seeding of pure intention born through our heart's united as ONE - that WE whose hearts beat for and in tune with the Source of All that IS, our Mother-Father God, Allah, Prime Creator, Most High Jah, Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Krishna, Buddha, Ahura Mazda, Jesus, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Lao Tse, Sathya Sai Baba, Mary, Babaji, and countless Other unique Divine Expressions of the ONE - RISE in our alignment with the Divine Feminine Principle activating within the heart of humankind! Thank you dear sisters for SHOWING UP in this life and having the courage to face unconsciousness within and without to ignite the fire of I AM, and illuminate the darkness hiding in the shadows of anti-love and anti-Being. As above, so below, peace, be still, and know that We are the shift through Being I AM that I AM. So we are opening our Spiritual Heart in absolute trust, giving and receiving more of the Divine Mother's Unconditional Love, which washes away all the energetic blockages created by egoic patterns of thought, feeling, word and deed, as within, so without. In other words, as our Spiritual Heart which is called by Taoists the 'Middle Dantian' opens, it allows pranic energy to flow freely through the multidimensional Being we are, that we may truly live in love without interrupting it's FLOW and are rather able to honor how it wishes to express through us. I AM calling upon all my brothers who are embodying the ethics, honor, and power of the Sacred Masculine Principle to lead by example and BE THE NEW PARADIGM. We do this in many ways but a necessary part of leading requires us to heal ourselves of the wounds which limit our capacity to feel cordial love for humanity, animals, plants, and this existence we call life. May we all realize that as men and womben RISE UP and HEAL and GROW STRONG IN LOVE, we make this world a safer place for EVERY WOMBAN, EVERY GIRL, and EVERY BOY, that one day all may be SAFE from abuse and exploitation!

In the name of the I AM that I AM - I AM holding this pure vision come to BE.

Amen - A'HO - And So It Is!

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