Shift Happens!

It's been a powerful week of bringing light to the shadow and love into the wound for Davana and I. We have been diving so deep in our own practices and sharing the medicine we each make and are, that we both see and feel it rippling out in ever widening circles. I feel so much gratitude that it is beyond words. Yet even though words will always fall short of conveying direct experience, they still serve as place markers in time and space, symbols we use to communicate meaning. Thus words do play an important role in helping us bridge the illusory separation between us, providing us with a means to relate deeply and grow in our personal and collective evolution. In honoring this truth I've started collecting testimonials from brave souls who have answered the call to honor their process and engage with me in deep inner work. I'd like to share the following words we received this morning from a dear sister Lori who Davana and I facilitated a shamanic shift session with yesterday evening. Lori writes:

"What a glorious morning; I slept like a 4-year-old. Lots of journaling, downloads. More insights.

I have the confidence to be me. You both provide witness to who I am. That I am. That we are one.

Thank you for going through your journey and arriving here for me. I thank my little girl for going through her journey and arriving here for us. Thank you for helping me to nurture, nourish and honor her so that we can ALL be here together. I am grateful for the integration of dark and light; the witness of looking at the shadow, embracing the shadow, observing the shadow, allowing the shadow. No longer avoiding parts of me that I see in others. No longer avoiding or hiding from anything, as we ALL are one, we ALL are safe, we ALL are love.

I love you brother and sister. Ever grateful to walk beside you on our journey." We love you Lori!

Thank you for showing up for little Lori, and inviting her to play in the safe sanctuary of our hearts united in LOVE.


And So It Is!

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