Power of our Spiritual Heart

When I was younger I was largely disconnected from the inner world of my heart. It wasn't until I fell in love for the first time in elementary school that I really experienced the depth of emotion that was possible. Then in high school I once again felt this all encompassing love for a beautiful girl who gave me my first experience of unconditional love, but I was still so deeply wounded that I was not able to honor her love. These experience were just the beginning of the path to learning the language of love, a language which I was certainly not fluent in. Several years later I experienced a non-substance induced mystical awakening, in which the Divine Love Energy of the Universe engulfed my entire Being and I felt my spiritual heart expand and fill with love for God and love for all of life. Whereas before it was filled with so much pain and suffering, after God's love filled my spiritual heart I was forever transformed and knew from that moment on that I was here to serve God and to become the fullness of love.

I'm not alone in my experience and have met several others who have been awakened by the power of love, by the grace of God. Yet the truth is that after mystical experiences and plant medicine healing it takes sincere dedication, humility, and surrender to honor the fullness of love that we experience when our ego dissolves. When our ego returns we have to continue the inner work and spiritual practices necessary to silence our mind and accustom ourselves to living in our Spiritual Heart.

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