Men's Healing Circle

Our men's circle yesterday was powerful beyond words. We gathered in sacred circle and co-created an alchemical container of safety fortified by our solidarity as men, in which authentic expression flowed from our hearts. In doing so the armor that we often unconsciously wear in the outer world to protect our hearts from more pain seemed to fall away, allowing healing tears of compassion for ourselves and the Other to be shed. We worked through father wounding, holding space to allow our brothers the free expression of pain, regret and grief which may have been initially stifled by wounded parental figures, and then unconsciously repressed so as to protect ourselves from the pain of the initial trauma(s). Through healing we soon learn that defenses such as repression are maladaptive, pushing the pain deeper and creating a greater polarization in our Being.

Finding the courage to speak unexpressed truths which may have been buried for most of our life takes great courage, and so we'd like to honor our brothers in this photo as well as those who were with us in Spirit by saying "A'HO"! In honoring the shadows hiding within our hearts and vulnerably sharing them in circle, we see reflections of ourselves in the stories, tears and laughter of our brothers with renewed clarity. Realizing once again that we may come from different lineages, traditions, and cultures, but in the heart we're much the same.

Anyone who has ever done work in a men's circle knows the power of the medicine we make when we come together to heal ourselves rather than to avoid ourselves. For it is in the warming fires of our collective hearts united as awakening men that we may realize again and again that it is safe to put down the sword and take off the armor of the unconscious masculine warrior, so that we may love and be loved to an even greater degree.

Men are now being called with increasing urgency to bring the healing light of compassion to our shadow, so that we may feel, heal, and ultimately become more integrated individuals - embodying the divine masculine on all levels. For as we grow in wholeness we expand our consciousness and bring balance to our life, strength to our families, growth to our communities, and transformation to the world.

Wishing all the men who showed showed up at 8th Chakra Studio much love and gratitude for doing the work. We can't wait to see all who are called to dive deep at our next circle! A'HO!

“Men today cannot claim their identity via culture because they are obliged to find other uninitiated males as their models or succumb to the empty values of a materialistic society. Again, before healing may begin, men must acknowledge the reality of what lies within. Among those confusing emotions is a deep grief for the loss of the personal father as companion, model and support, and a deep hunger for the fathers as a source of wisdom, solace and inspiration.” - James Hollis

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