Celebrate Valentine's Day every day

I don't need a holiday to celebrate the love we share nor to worship the Goddess who shines from within and through your beautiful temple. Thank you for walking by my side on this magical journey we call life, and for continually stoking the fire of love in my heart.

The love we now share truly feels like redemption for all those years I spent walking alone through the darkness of my wounding, estranged from my Self and who I AM here to BE.

My gratitude for you dear Davana May is beyond words, and you KNOW this! So on this special 2/22 I behold you and your commitment to singing, dancing, and always moving to the rhythm of love - love for yourSelf, love for all life, and love for God!

Thank you for blessing me with the gift of your love everyday, all day long. Love conquers all and only those who do not know love would ever hurl a judgment or feel any sense of condemnation upon a love that they have no part in.

“That’s the thing about great love. It elevates everything around it. You walk through a forest together and it becomes a great temple. You eat a meal together and you sit at God’s banquet table. You merge your bodies and all heaven breaks loose. That’s why we can’t stop singing about love. Every verse is a cry for wholeness.” - Jeff Brown

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