Sacred ceremony with lead Huichol marakame Matsiwa

What a gift it was to receive the many blessings of Creator at our tribe ceremony held at our sister Marisol's sacred space, the Bodhi Healing Studio in Los Angeles, led by this beautiful holy man, Matsiwa De La Cruz de la Sierra Huichol. Our tribe, along with Don Antonio and Matsiwa, were able to traverse cosmic terrain and heal, release, receive, and come together in Oneness to celebrate this gift of life. I shared my heart's truth with everyone who was there at the ceremony and thus I was able to let go of a lot of energy which was no longer serving me. I connected deeply with Creator and when Matsiwa sang his song I was transported to another time and space. During his song I received powerful downloads which I am still integrating. For those who are curious about Matsiwa, he is a third generation lead Huichol marakame voted in by his elders to be the keeper of knowledge. His father Eutimio, was also the head Chief marakame and was even painted by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. If you are interested in visiting with Matsiwa, he will be at the Bodhi Healing Studio periodically conducting limpias, also known as spiritual clearings or cleansings, and blessing those souls who show up.

I highly recommend the gifts of Matsiwa!

Wishing everyone love in this eternal now.


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