Elemental Flow Meditation in the Central Coast

This is a photo of the 'Elemental Flow' meditation group Davana and I co-lead with our sisters Gina and BJ on Wednesday evenings at the Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living starting at 6PM. In this sacred circle we honor the human and the Spirit by sharing our struggle in vulnerability and our medicine in love. We meditate, explore essential oils, process as a group, and heal with the medicine drum and crystal singing bowl. We have anywhere from six to 13 regulars from the community - who come-into-unity with us every Wednesday. So, if you're living in the Central Coast then this is your invitation to join us and become more of who you are as a conscious co-creator with the Source of All-That-IS who many call GOD! I know that as an embodiment of Spirit that I AM ONE with my Source.

I gratefully accept my role as student while humbly rising to the truth that I AM a teacher.

In full alignment with the infinite power of Spirit I AM holding the vision that those living in the Central Coast who are longing for the life giving waters of Spirit, shall have their thirst quenched at our Wednesday circles and Sunday morning celebrations!

I AM holding the vision that all people throughout the world wake up from the illusion of separation that they may become the fullness of who they are in Spirit in true Oneness with God.

With full trust and knowing that this is already DONE I release the WORD into motion with the power of my Spiritual Heart, spelling them into existence!

I claim it and proclaim it!



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