Men's Circle

The men's circle I had the opportunity to co-lead this past weekend was powerful on all levels. We co-created a sacred space where my brothers could open up in courageous displays of vulnerability to speak their truths, share their hearts, and shed some tears.

Whenever I walk away from a men's circle I feel more whole. I feel like I've honored my responsibility to share the medicine I have made through my path of healing, and passed on the gifts I have received from my elders. I also feel inspired and hopeful because I know that these circles are healing not only for the individuals in attendance, but for the collective as well. Because the medicine we make in circle we take with us to our partners, families, and the greater communities of which we are part.

Although there are still so many in the world who would rather bandage their wounds with distraction, addiction, displacement, and all manner of defense mechanisms, rather than facing the pain of their wounding. I am finding that there is a growing number of men who are seeking the support they need so that they may fully walk their talk. Men who are willing to put aside their ego's protests of "I'm a man so I should be able to handle this alone," to ask for help in their healing process. To me the ability to set aside ego to ask for help when it is necessary, is a demonstration of both courage and vulnerability, which are hallmarks of the awakening man.

I know how painful and isolating the path of awakening can be. Mine began in the suffering of chaos and eventually I found my way to solitude and communion with Great Spirit. The truth is without God I would have never found my way out of addiction and the tangles of familial and ancestral wounding. Yet, in surrendering my ego's claim that I knew it all, I was able to let go and learned to let God. Deepening on my path I was guided to seek help from therapists, teachers, analysts, healers, shamans, and elders who helped me in my process of finding missing pieces to my puzzle.

I make no claim to be a fully awakened man, but I do know who I AM and where I'm going. So, I can look back at the path I have tread and feel gratitude. I am grateful that I am no longer moved by conquest but rather by compassion. I AM FREE for I'm no longer driven by fear but fueled by the fire of love for God and love for life, which nothing and no one in this world can extinguish!

I give thanks to my brother Joey Linnert for demonstrating what it means to be a keeper of the heart fire and a man among men. The photo below is his I give thanks to my brother DevaJeet Singh for his leadership in orchestrating the circle and allowing us to gather at his 8th Chakra Studio in Santa Ana. I give thanks to my brother Lawrence Sanchez who has known me for near a decade and overcame a strong bout of anxiety to be in the circle and share his gifts with us. There are too many individuals to highlight individually but I give thanks to all the men there in circle that night and all those to come. Above all I give thanks to Great Spirit for teaching us what it means to serve, what it means to give, and what it takes to be a true warrior. A'HO!

"The awakening man is a warrior of the heart. He has taken his clarifying sword inward, cutting away everything that is not compassionate. After too many lifetimes with weapon in hand, a benevolent warrior is being birthed at the core of his being. He honours the warrior capacity for assertiveness, but he is not arbitrarily aggressive. He moves from love and compassion." - Jeff Brown

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