Loving without condition in this new cycle

As challenging as it can be, it is only through loving without condition that we can become intimately acquainted with the true nature of love. For as we deepen into love we begin to truly understand this cosmic dance of spiritual evolution that we call life. To this end we must be willing to fan the flames of love until we are able to heed its gentle guidance in all situations and circumstances.

Doing so requires us to learn to shift our identification from the ego self to our Higher Self, which is united as one with the force of love. Yet this is only possible after subduing the ego; then healing, cleansing and "opening" our Spiritual Heart. Attempting to be our Higher Self without engaging in intensive transformational work and healing, will result in the ego simply adapting to the new mental constructs and belief systems, thus effectively perpetuating it's illusory existence under the guise of a new found religion or spirituality.

Understanding that our fearful ego is the greatest barrier to love can serve as motivation for us to invest the necessary time and effort to habituate ourselves to living in the energy state of love. It begins with generating kindness, gratitude, compassion, etc., in our heart, and evolves into prolonged states of all encompassing joy, ecstatic bliss, and sincere and cordial love for others. So, as we learn to live in love and abide by its omniscient intelligence, the ego's power simultaneously diminishes, and when the ego loses its power we can truly grow to unimaginable heights.

May we be guided in our spiritual evolution knowing that true unconditional love is something the untamed ego will always oppose, because love is the ultimate ego eradicator. Therefore, if we genuinely wish to set ourselves free of unending ego desires and the deep sense of egoic disconnection that has become so common in our world, we must be willing to surrender to a much greater love than our own. In so doing we lessen ego's stranglehold over our perception of reality and will gradually learn what it really means to love.

Love reminds us that it doesn't see division but rather creates unity. Love doesn't seek to profit, love shares in abundance. Love doesn't control anyone, love empowers everyone. Love doesn't discriminate, love supports all those who are earnestly striving to embody more love. May we all find the fearless courage to sacrifice anything and everything, within and without, which keeps us from living in the Infinite Love born of Being our Higher Self!

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