In 2016 shadows came to light and Rainbow Tribes unite!

2016 has been such a huge year for the gathering of the nations and aligning of the Rainbow Tribes from all over the world. I give thanks to Great Spirit and all of our relations at Standing Rock and beyond for imbuing us with the strength to hold true to the shining light of love within, so that we may be courageous in our role as imaginal cells of this interconnected super-organism. We have remembered who we are as warriors of the rainbow and are calling upon all our brothers and sisters to join with us to elevate the collective consciousness. Although our tribe is comprised of individuals from many nations and traditions, we all honor each other as equals who have unique gifts and talents which are crucial to our shared mission.

If you are reading these words and are dedicated to using the power of your love, wisdom, courage, and compassion to create a critical mass to bring about a global shift in consciousness, then we are without a doubt united in our mission. Let those of us who hear Mother Earth's call to be the change, unify and wake up to the power of joining forces to consciously co-create the New Paradigm of Love and Oneness.

There is much work to be done and no time to waste! 2016 was a powerful year of shifts, a year when shadows came to the surface and bonds between our global Rainbow Tribe deepened. This was all preparation for the 2017 and the coming years which will only grow in intensity on every level. May we all continue holding space for each other to rise to the great heights we are called to. Water is life! Mni Wiconi! A'HO!

Love, Aubert

"Meanwhile, in the collective consciousness there has been a growing awareness that, to quote Dorothy, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Whether it’s the evangelicals speaking about the Rapture, scientists warning of the Sixth Great Extinction, or those who see “2012” as some transformational watershed date, there is an understanding that we are on the threshold of profound change.

As we are seeing every day in the news, old structures and ways of being seem to be crumbling all around us. Our institutions—from hospitals to schools to banks to our own government—are failing, and seem to be unfixable. What’s going on?

To better understand the opportunity hidden in the crisis, consider the tale of another world in transition. Imagine you are a single cell among millions that comprise a growing caterpillar. The structure around you has been operating like a well-oiled machine, and the larva world has been creeping along predictably. Then one day, the machine begins to shudder and shake. The system begins to fail. Cells begin to commit suicide. There is a sense of darkness and impending doom.

From within the dying population, a new breed of cells begins to emerge, called imaginal cells. Clustering in community, they devise a plan to create something entirely new from the wreckage. Out of the decay arises a great flying machine—a butterfly—that enables the survivor cells to escape from the ashes and experience a beautiful world, far beyond imagination. Here is the amazing thing: "The caterpillar and the butterfly have the exact same DNA. They are the same organism, but are receiving and responding to different organizing signals."

That is where we are today. When we read the newspaper and watch the evening news, we see the media reporting a decaying caterpillar world. And yet everywhere, human imaginal cells are awakening to a new possibility. They are clustering, communicating, and tuning into a new, coherent signal of love.

We are now between “two worlds” —the caterpillar world where our future is limited by our creepy-crawly past, and the butterfly world where humanity can soar to reach its highest potential. Unlike the shift from caterpillar to butterfly, however, transformation of humanity is not inevitable. It requires our participation. We have the choice to live in and reinforce the limitations imposed by fear and past programming. Or, we can attune ourselves to the new signal of love, and live that instead." - Steve Bhaerman

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