Winter Solstice

On this Winter Solstice I've been feeling deep into the stillness of the eternal now. Although I'm at my physical home, a part of me is still at Standing Rock with all those who are braving the winter cold and holding down the camp. I've wanted to put my experience into words since returning, but the message from my Inner Being is that now is the time for silence. I have honored this message of silence but will share a few words which I feel I must on this solstice.

My journey to Standing Rock began as a mission to deliver the donations our tribe was able to collect for the Water Protectors on the front lines, and evolved to become a soul nourishing pilgrimage into the heart of Native America. Being on the reservation at Camp Oceti Sakowin, or Oceti Oyate "All Nations Camp" as it is now being called, amplified within me the deep knowing that we are now living through the end of the ascending Kali Yuga cycle. This is a period of time in which we are being faced with the summons to greater consciousness in many forms, but increasingly through the pain of growing social, economic, and environmental instability.

To the degree that we individuals which comprise the collective remain asleep to our personal responsibility to live as caretakers of our home, refusing to change our way of life for reasons of complacency, apathy, and willful ignorance, we will be met with ever intensifying systemic collapses and environmental cataclysms to wake us up. The amount of suffering that we will have to endure is up to us, and I for one hold the vision that we will mitigate much death and destruction through our efforts to elevate the collective consciousness.

We're in this together and I am grateful to be alive with you during this prophetic time. We are the Warriors of the Rainbow and through the cosmic portal of our Spiritual Heart we can tap into the infinite wellspring of love, wisdom, and power that is the Great Spirit, which wishes nothing more than to support us in our personal and collective evolution. Thank you for staying connected with me and continuing in your efforts to defend the sacred in all ways, especially in your commitment to supporting all our relations at Standing Rock. Stay strong my dear brothers and sisters! Mni Wiconi! A'HO!

"The conflict at Standing Rock is an iteration of a seemingly endless fractal that is happening in different guises not only all over the world, but all throughout history as well. It is the current re-creation of the countless scenarios where those in power abuse their power over the less powerful (often taking their land and resources).The pipeline was originally going to be close to the city of Bismarck, until there was pushback from the city’s (mostly white) population, who were understandably scared of the inevitable leakage from the pipeline contaminating their water; it was then re-routed to its present location.For the Native American people, it is a modern-day repetition of the original trauma of when the Europeans came over and not only forcibly took over their land, but committed racial and cultural genocide." - Paul Levy

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