$33.00 USD

Reuniting the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine

Date: September 28th | 6PM CDT | 4PM PDT

A 3-hour immersive workshop with LIVE hot-seat coaching to support you to come into the fullest expression of who you are and how you relate.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • How masculine and feminine energies are potentially out of alignment in your relationship (or why it was so you stay single) and what to do about it to experience lasting harmony
  • What the masculine needs by nature (to figure out the solution, go into his own space, etc.) and how you can set yourself up to support what your man needs
  • What the feminine needs by nature (she likes to talk about her issues, reaches out for support, etc.) and how to communicate what you need to your partner so he knows exactly how to support you
  • Beginning to unpack what your inner child needs in order to release the pain of the past and facilitate deeper connection and love in your relationship
  • Understanding your true essence (masculine, feminine, or balanced), where that may have been shamed or judged, and how to reclaim that essence
  • How to cultivate a deeper connection to yourself and cultivate clear standards and boundaries for what you’re willing to accept and not accept in relationship
  • How your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship in your life and how to come more into alignment with your higher self and true desires

What People Are Saying:

Since our time together, I have softened in my feminine essence, let go of control that I didn't need to hold, stopped overindulging in things that weren't serving me, and allowed myself to be seen and feel at peace with my past. Mostly, I'm ready to be a mother more than ever and my marriage is healthy and happy!

Britney B.

Before working with Aubert I was stuck in a negative cycle with toxic habits that I just couldn't break. From our first session, I felt such relief and hope! The shift in energy allowed me to have a clear mind and think straight to find out what was really going on with me. I was able to set goals and actually focus on achieving them. I would recommend working with Aubert to anyone and everyone.

Kristin P.

Aubert provided me with a safe space to move through grief and rebuild trust and confidence within myself. Making the choice to work with him honestly changed the direction of my life for the better. He truly has a gift from God to help facilitate healing and growth in others.

Jessica M.